About Us

Over Three Decades of Expertise in Global Trade

Established in 1987, Nisha & Co has amassed a wealth of experience spanning 34 years in the dynamic landscape of Export-Import trade. As a versatile Merchant & Manufacturer Exporter based in India, we take pride in our diverse product portfolio.

Our founder, Mr. Sanjayan RS, a seasoned industry professional, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His visionary leadership has been instrumental in steering the company through its remarkable journey. Even before securing the statutory license for export, Nisha & Co embarked on its trajectory by securing the inaugural order in 1987. The first consignment involved exporting bicycles to the Maldives under the Engineering Goods category.

From those humble beginnings, our scope expanded into various sectors, including Textiles, Readymade garments, and Household items. The foray into Chemicals export came naturally, spurred by an order from a trusted contact in the United Arab Emirates. Subsequently, Nisha & Co ventured into the export of Food products and perishable items, further diversifying our global trade footprint.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction, Nisha & Co continues to evolve, adapting to the ever-changing demands of the global market. Our journey is a testament to our dedication to excellence, and we look forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration with our valued partners worldwide.

Reliable Expertise

With 34 years of unwavering commitment to the Export-Import trade, Nisha & Co stands as a beacon of reliability. Our seasoned team, led by industry experts, ensures a steadfast approach to every aspect of global trade, providing clients with a trusted partner for their diverse needs.

Quick Response System

Quick Response System (QRS) help you to cut lead time in all phases of sourcing the raw material or finished goods etc from Indian Markets. Send your enquiries and we do the work for you to identify the right product at the right price delivered to your door.

Proven Track Record

Nisha & Co boasts a proven track record of successful ventures across various product categories and international markets. Our history of accomplishments is a testament to our ability to navigate the complexities of global trade, consistently delivering value, reliability, and excellence to our clients.

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